Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Showing around some locals 4/7/11

On Saturday Dakota and Ish came to Cocoa Beach and Sam and I showed them around to some local spots. I enjoyed being the filmer and we got some stuff done.
This is one of the better spots in Cocoa Beach since you can skate it so many different ways. This picture deosn't show the whole spot though. Everyone walked away with a clip from here.
The is the infamous Durango's ledge. Sam, Ish, and Dakota were all close to getting their tricks when we got kicked out by some wack hotel worker.
Everyone liked Healthfirst manny pad and stacked pretty hard here too.
Sam warming up with an ollie. This was the last spot of the day and everyone was pretty tired but Sam still tried and I'm sure he will get his trick next time.

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