Sunday, July 17, 2011

Verooo! 7/17/11

First of all i love this spot and second Jon killed it. As soon as I got my clip he lands his first try on film right after me.



Viera Ride Shop reppin.

Packing up to leave this deadly heat.

"Yaay we're going back to Brevard now"!

Gallons of water are necessary for skating in Florida heat.

Nap time.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Orlando / Lakeland! 7/2/11

 Me, Nate, and David met Lanky Jon, Evan, and Ben here at Howard. Me and Lanky Jon both got a line we were hyped on.

Lanky Jon broke his board  for the third time on this gap trying a _____. So him and Evan went back home after that spot.

But Me, David, Ben and Nate went to Lakeland and picked up Ronnie so he could show us around some and this was the first spot. 

We checked out this 8 stair.

Ronnie ollie over the rail.

Next it was onto this rail. The run-up is pretty much pitch black but the rail is still really good.

This is a picture of filming on the 60D while Nate films Ben lipsliding and finishing up the day in Downtown Lakeland.