Monday, August 27, 2012


Throwaway 50-50. 
Go check out David's flickr for some more tight pictures! 

Dodging the Rain 8/25/12

Originally, David and I were going to Titusville Saturday, but on the way we ran into some rain and we thought it would be best to stay closer to home. So, we turned around and started driving back to Cocoa and we bumped into this place. The main things you have to deal with at this spot are the cracks, short run-up, and glass. Also the rail is wooden so I'm suprised it grinded at all. But despite those things we had fun messing around on it.

Eventhough this photo isn't of skating it's still probably one of my favorite  photos I've ever taken. I like how no color is showing and it is just a  silhouette of David filming and the tree hanging over top of him.

This bump to bar is a brevard gem. We barely have any of these near perfect spots. Here David is popping an ollie over it, one of the simplest tricks and also one of the most fun. It was kind of a short skate day but we were just glad to get any skating in at all with the rain. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Some of you may or may not have seen this photo yet, but Commit or Quit just recently had a huge change. The video will now be edited by David Morefield instead of Ricky Lester. Ricky would have liked to do it but he just moved and has been really busy lately. David was psyched when Ricky asked him to do it and is going to try to get it done faster for you all to see! From what I've seen so far though you guys are in for a treat.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

O-town and bound pt.2

Some walls were rode here.

This is the picture I'm ending this post on because i slacked on getting another picture at the last spot. The last spot was a new bump to gap I've never been to though that we had to use the camera light on. Shane and Max pulled through at that spot. I hope you enjoyed this post and check back weekly for new posts.

O-town and bound pt.1

The day started off in Cocoa Village where everyone one met up really but this is the first photo taken of the trip. David had some unfinished work here and we though it would be good to get that out of the way as well as just warm up here. Right as he was on the verge of landing it for the second time some guy came over from across the street took a picture of max's license plate and said the cops will be here in 15 minutes. Now we don't know if that was true but who does that without even telling us first to stop skating? We didn't want to take any chances though and just left.

Next spot was this place, it looks like a wasteland. I guess carpet gets recycled here but the whole operation looked pretty sketchy to myself. Despite that they were actually cool enough to let us skate while they were open. Sometimes a couple of them would stick there head out to see what was going down or take their cellphone out and film. Ben and Nick met up with us here and were in time to witness some tricks go down.

This thing is crazy, theres nothing more to it. The only run up you have is from those stairs and the bar is a decent size. The real reason we were here was for another spot but that spot had a truck parked too close to it for it to be skate-able. I doubt anyone has ever tried to skate this though.

Right before this we hit up new Wawa and a long angle iron ledge but I forgot to get the pic. Oh well, heres a picture of the homies chillin after finishing up at this spot.

We skated gnarly 5 stair rails.

"Another Push" starring Clive Dixon

Check out this documentary that my brother made of our our homie CJ. Some lifestyle footage mixed with some sick skate footage too. Enjoy!

An inside look into the life of Birdhouse rider, Clive "CJ" Dixon. He prepares for the infamous Tampa Am, and shows the pressures and rewards of being an amateur skateboarder.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Screengrab Slams

These are just a few sreengrabs I took of some funny/scary slams David has filmed of me.

This is about a year old, but I still feel like I'm in the same situation everytime I watch it. Luckily I didn't actually clip my legs though.

I thought this fall from Yoda was hilarious.

Then I went down too.

This one's not a slam, but dayuum.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

We Really Are Out Here!

Decided to finally edit some footage I collected from Summer. My favorite GoPro video yet I've made yet. Enjoy!

Summer Shenanigans.

Featuring: Dakota Hunt, Joey Lau, Keith Bald-ass-hairy, Matt Nicol, David Morefield, Sam Rooks, and myself.