Monday, January 24, 2011

New camera footage

Raw footage from my new dslr. Canon 60D, on-camera mic, no cc.

Featuring: Max Catasus, Jonathan Morefield, and David Morefield

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fun Skateboarding

Homies riding their skateboard having fun.

Filmed & Edited by: Evan Dougherty
Skaters in order of appearance: Tyson Stipling, Mike Wittman, David Morefield, Clive Dixon, Mike Goltz, and (me) Jonathan Morefield

Monday, January 3, 2011

Miami Trip pt. 2

Right over the bridge is this spot. David stuck his trick a few times but once again the security got us before he could land it.

I like this photo a lot. Evan doin his thing in Miami .

Then we grabbed some food and decided to call it since it was dark and we were tired of looking for spots. All in all it was a not very productive trip but definitely a fun one. And I end this with a shout out to Erika the Worst muahaha.

Miami Trip Pt.1

Last Thursday David, Evan,Cj, and I took a day trip down to Miami which is not a good idea living 4 hours away and not having anyone show you around. Just some advice if you're thinking about doing that then don't.

Evan and David cruisin around in Ft. Lauderdale, only to then get kicked out right when we were about to film . Yesss.

So we just left Ft. Lauderdale after and then just came to this spot in Miami. This place is amazing it has so much stuff to skate and this photo is just a glimpse of it. I was the only one to get a clip but the camera just so happened to glich so don't expect to see that footy.

Evan got right up there for the angles despite an old lady coming up and telling him his disrespect for sitting on that statue haha.

We then head into the city trying to find parking for a good 30 minutes and this is from when we were skating over the bridge. Miami is the best.

Evan looking like hes gonna run them over on his Zig Zaggerrrr.

Indianatlantic-->Palm Bay

I went skating with Evan, Cj, Tyson, Nate, Joe, and Ricky. We never have been to this spot before but it was tight, a perfect bench for lines and a place to chill at. Tyson and I each got two clips there.

Between thesee spots we stopped at Wendys and i ate way too much.

So when i got to this spot i was feeling all that Wendys food and I didn't skate so I chilled with Clive and Ricky on the lurker curb. Ellis 8 I will come get you during daytime. But on the other hand Joe killed it and got a perfect clip there so it was a pretty good day.