Monday, October 26, 2009

Shred Sundays

David back disaster- Ph. Me
Bs Blunt- Ph. David

David and I started out in Cape, and warmed up on the Sun trust ledge. Den we headed under the bridge to check out a new quarterpipe that was built. Its perfect right now. Both of us got a clip and a photo. You gotta wait for the footy to see David's actual trick tho, hah! After, we went to some benches under the bridge to Cocoa. We just seshed em' and it was shady and good to check out. Before leaving M.I. I skated the ol Publix manny pads. Not very fun but u just gotta be creative their. I gots a cleeep.. So we went back to Cocoa Beach and David skated a chain link fence with a curb couple feet after it. Idk my bff jill. Thats it Peace!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Cold front finally
Backside ollie Sanford, Fl
Waxin..... Peep the stickar!
First time at Krystals wooooh

- By far the best picture I've taken before, really hyped on it!
Backside Tailside Sanford,Fl

Who: David and I
When: Today
Where: Orlando/Sanford
What went down: First spot was this step-up in Sanford, the only thing wrong with it was the ground was super haggard so we couldn't clear it aha. But we decided to look at it a lil different way with just skating the bank and david got a backtail picture as i got a backside ollie picture. Second spot was in Orlando at this little bank that David and I both got a clip. yeeh. And last spot of the day was a shopping plaza on international drive with some ledges. The wind was against us and it was -535 degrees or at least it felt like it. I made David redo his line twice because of my filming and the third time wasn't a charm, my bad. But we did go to Krystals!!!!!!!! AND outside of there we found some circle things we tried to skate with the filmer's board. Yayy

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I suck at life...