Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Commit or Quit Teaser!

"Jonathan Morefield being featured in the new florida based video "Commit or Quit" debuting Fall 2011.
Commercial- Filmed and Edited by David Morefield.
Full Length Video- Filmed and Edited by Ricky Lester, Nathan Glenn, & Scott Kramer.
Skaters: CJ Dixon, Shane Kassin, Jonathan Morefield, Kass Plummer, Dave Anderson, Tyson Stripling, Matt Call, and David Morefield."

Monday, February 21, 2011

"Bro-lando"! Part 1

So the trip started out early saturday morning with Jonathan "lanky Jon" Hadley,Stephen Oliveira,Kass Plummer,Nathan Glenn, and me Lil' Jon. I didn't get to get a picture of the first spot but this was the second spot. Here we met up with Ben Eubanks,Erik Knudsen, Scott Kramer, and Steve who's from Gainesville. The gap did defeat Erik,Kass,and lanky Jon. But they will all get tricks sometime in the near future.

Third spot was these banks. They are a little steep, really waxed up, and super fun. Ben and I got a clip here.

Next spot was this loading dock over the rail that Ben showed us. Lanky Jon and I both a clip and then we were out.

I've Been wanting to go to this place for awhile. I can see if you don't live in Orlando then you wouldn't know where this is. No clips here. But we bombed a hill and Kass came up on a ghetto blaster!

We were trying to decide where to next and lanky Jon seemed hyped on here so we light it up and he came through with a real good clip and a photo.

"Bro-lando"! Part 2

Last spot of the day was this bump where Ben Eubanks killed it and came through with a sick clip. Hope you enjoyed this post and you keep checkin back for more. Thanks!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Screengrab #2!

As seen in the upcoming video Commit or Quit. Be sure to be on the lookout for it as it will be dropping Fall 2011! Stay updated here:

Monday, February 7, 2011

2/5/10 Pt.1

So Saturday started off at Nate's where it was Ben Eubanks, Nate Glenn, Taylor, Evan Dougherty, and I. We packed into Nate's car and headed to the benches under the bridge for the first spot of the day. I don't know how it gets so windy down there but it was. Ben still came through with a line though. And more people met up ( CJ Dixon, Mike Wittman, Brian Frey, and Tyson Stripling)

Next we headed to Healthplex manual pads. Tyson was so close to getting his trick but couldn't quite roll away, next time, next time... Ben came through once again though, effortless style as always. Shane Kassin,Mike Goltz, and Cory Cowherd came out too.

Quick stop off at Wendy's for some grub. Awesome face Nate.

We stopped by carnival where only a select few can get a clip at since the place is sort of gnarly. Or shall i say only a select few can get a clip that actually looks good?

The infamous red ledge. Most of the crew was able to come through with clips here.

Chill sesh. Talkin crap. Reminiscing about past times you know.


Tyson gettin a clip at the brick banks with Nate filmin. I got a clip as well. Courtesy to Stephen O. for showing us the spot.

And I finished off the night at biker ledge where there was only Ben, Taylor, Evan, and Nate. The rest of the crew peaced at the brick banks. But Kevin Campbell was able to meet up.