Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer Begins

Early Saturday morning Shane, Max, David, and I met up in Cocoa village. We were all still trying to fully wake up as we got there and packed our stuff into Max's car. Then it was off to Orlando!
The crew for the day getting ready to head out.
Camera check, Boards check, Wax check. We out!
When we made it to Orlando we parked a little outside of downtown and this was the first warm up spot we passed by while going to our destination. David also realized here that he left the wax in the car so he went back and got it while the rest of us stayed here and warmed up.
I filmed here and this was my view most of the time at this spot. Thank god for this amazing tri-pod!
Max and Shane were ready to film pretty quick. Shane even got his trick within a few tries.

Summer Begins Part 2

It smells like straight up pee at the alleyway ledge so Max had to cover his face while instagramin'.
Max battled this sketchy rail in Downtown but still got his trick. This photo shows how awesome this whole spot looks while Max does a 50-50.
David found a good angle in the middle of the street while Shane and I watched for cars.
The sketchyness of this spot is the best part to me. Here's my self doing a wallride.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Out in the Streets 5/7/12

After skating all day Saturday I was pretty tired the next day so I decided to play filmer and film a few friends locally.
First spot of the day was BJ's. An appropriate warm up spot, where everyone got a clip at.
A gallon of water is essential when skating in Florida, these new chips are amazing too!
We stopped by this spot for a little bit and Sam got a line.
This was the one spot everyone had been looking forward to all day but we didnt end up getting there til pretty late. Ish almost had a bad experiene with the rail, so he called it a day and we all just chilled.
The sky was looking pretty awesome though

Orlando Part 1

David, Max, and I set out around noon Saturday to head to Orlando. It was already insanely hot and we didn't know it would actually be like that all day. We had a little trouble getting to the first spot, but once we got there we knew we would be staying for a few hours.
This tree was the best thing ever. David is looking at some footage under it to escape the heat for a little bit.
Max back tailed this ledge properly and got a few lines, everybody did actually.
Some other skaters showed up and then some homies we knew, so there were quite a few people.
A cop came but was cool with us skating and let us proceed. David, Max, and I had to get out of there though since we had run out of water and were starving.
So we obviously went to Chipoltes! After staying at the spot a little longer the homies met back up here where we watched some skate videos to get hyped again.

Orlando Part 2

After chipolte we kept the day goin and checked out this barricade spot. Definitely not easy to skate.
Some of the crew had to leave at the barricade spot, but Kevin met up and joined us. Ben showed us this bump to ledge, and David knew what trick he wanted to do right as we pulled up.
David back smithed right through the huge chunks.
We ended the day with a fun session at this spot. You can pull out the rail and skate it any which way you want. I decided to put it off the curb and sesh that.