Sunday, January 24, 2010


After waking up in a rough night in David's car we started our day off with getting some food at a bagel place. As we were on our way to Jupiter we found a sick little rail that was really wobbly, David got a clip there anyways. When we got to Jupiter we went to a kink rail and David wasn't feelin' it. The ocean breeze was nice tho. And as we were heading back we stopped off at put-put just to mess around that place has got cleaned up so much R.I.P little taco. Right before we got home both of us tired we still went to the BJ's bank to ledge in Palm Bay. The run up was wet and that made it hard to get speed for but it turned out good plus someone angle ironed the ledge. This is just one of many more trips to come too so keep checkin the bloggg.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Down South Trip Day1

Today me and David got a late start to go skating not knowing where we were heading at first but then we ended up in Ft. Pierce. So we stayed there to skate . We skated a little drop-off rail and then got kicked out with only enough time to do a boardslide. And then in historic Ft. Pierce we found a ledge into a bank. Sorry no photos today we forgot to bring the cord for my cam cuz i thought we would be coming home, they will be up tom. After skating in the dark we started going home and then we light up the drop-off rail again and I got a few clips. On the way home we decided tho that we don't want to make the long trip out here again tom. So we are just going to camp out in David's miata hahaha!